BMDRC is the first established research center in Korea for the purpose of introducing Computer Aided Molecular Design (CAMD) technologies to the academy and industry working on new drugs and functional materials development, in May 1st of 1997. The first task since the establishment of the institute was to train experts in the field of molecular design, and conducted training for more than 3,000 experts in 17 years after establishment. From 2021, education will be resumed, focusing on solving complex life systems introducing new computation methods such as artificial intelligence, big data, and large scale quantum computing in addition to traditional CAMD tools. The educated professionals in CAMD from Computational Systems Biology Laboratory, the training course, and the researchers of the BMDRC, have been positioned as researchers who play a pivotal role in various domestic companies, research and educational institutions. Especially in the 4th Industrial Revolution era, their role became very important for securing technological competitiveness of the bio industry of Korea. As the international collaboration in CAMD, BMDRC contributed to the construction of Asia Hub for e-Drug Discovery (AHeDD in 2005) and to collaborative research and symposium.

In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, BMDRC will training well educated AI-Bio specialists, provide cutting-edge technologies to industries, collaborate with industry for drugs development, and develop new AI based research platforms, for example AVENGERS, Super Spider, CARPET, PreADEMTn, and Lead Explore.

We, all BMDRC family members will do our best to support AI-BIO technologies to industry and to develop noble technologies for more accurate predictions. We look forward to having an opportunity to collaborate in the future.