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Successful completion of the booth exhibition at BioKOREA 2023
2023.06.20 16:16

BMDRC successfully completed its participation in the 'BioKorea 2023' held from May 10th to 12th, 2023, at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The event, celebrating its 18th edition this year, is the largest international gathering in the field of biotech and healthcare industries in South Korea. It serves as a platform to introduce the latest technologies in the biotech and healthcare sectors and facilitates exchanges among domestic and international companies.

With participation from 51 countries and 729 companies, BioKorea 2023 attracted more than 20,000 visitors. During the event, BMDRC promoted its services, including the "Natural Product Mass Analysis Service" and the "Natural Product Data Analysis Service" based on it. They also provided technical consultation and promotion regarding the "Establishment and Verification of Bio-material Data Platform" project, which is part of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy's Industry Innovation Base Construction Project.

Through BioKorea 2023, BMDRC engaged in technology introduction and partnering meetings with numerous domestic and international companies, not only from Chungbuk Province's bio institutions but also from Gangneung Bio Industrial Complex and other regions.