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Natural Products

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Toward Untargeted Metabolomics

  • Sample preparation, Extraction Method Optimization of raw natural products
  • Confirmation of biological activity characterization
  • Identification of active compound through various instruments
  • Establish quantitative active Ingredient analysis methods and its validation procedure
  • Accumulate safety data through cell viability test and animal toxicity test

Bioactive Compound
Analysis & Identification

Identification of Bioactive Compounds
through High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer

  • Discover the power of high-resolution mass spectrometry for identifying bioactive compounds.
  • Unlock the potential of unknown compounds with precise molecular mass measurement.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of biochemical pathways with the ability to analyze hundreds of metabolites.
  • Validate and characterize bioactive compounds with a combination of UHPLC-Orbitrap high-resolution MS and other analytical techniques.
  • Advance the research with the latest in metabolomics and the discovery of new drugs and therapies.

Biological Activity Research

Natural Products Bioactivity Research

  • In vitro antioxidant screening

    Screening potent antioxidative natural product

  • Cell-based research

    Explore potent treatment metabolic syndromes

  • In vitro ADME assay

    Understanding pharmacokinetics in human/mouse body