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  • 2022. 12.

    Signed a Memorandum of Understanding between BMDRC and KTR


  • 2020. 2.

    Main Office move to Yonsei International Campus, Song Do

  • 2018.

    Start Noble Platforms Development for New Drug Discovery and AI-BIO

    Protein Engineering Platform Development, CARPET

    Multi-type DB construction and Super Networking the DBs, Super Spider

    Drug Discovery Platform reinforced with FMO, FEP, PMFF, G-SFED,.., AVENGERS

    ADMET Prediction package PreADMETn (PreADMET2.0, PreMetabo1.0)

    AI based Natural Product Platform, Flora Genesis

    Lead the Founding of Baobab AiBIO Inc., Colon Cancer Developing Venture Company

    Construct Natural Single Compound Library NP 3000 and Store to Institute of Pasteur Korea (The largest NP library in KOREA)

  • 2017. 12.

    Start Future Technology Innovation Forum, 1st forum at


  • 2007.

    Leads the Yonsei-KRICT 10 years Project on Drug Discovery with Noble Targets

  • 2005.8.27.

    Start Asia Hub for e-Drug Discovery, 1st committee meeting (Korea, China, Japan) & Symposium, Jeju Shilla Hotel.Every year, AHeDD Symposium and Committee meeting

  • 2004.5.4.

    ADME / T prediction S/W launch, 1st Commercialized Product by CAMDRC

  • 2004.3.5.

    Hewlett Packard donates 4 Computational Servers

  • 2003. 2.

    Move the Main Office of the BMDRC to Yonsei Engineering Research Complex, SEOUL, KOREA

  • 2002.

    Change to Nonprofit Cooperation and became independent from Soong Sil University and Change Name to Bioinformatics and Molecular Design Research Center (BMDRC)


  • 2000.

    Leading role in the establishment of BioMed Park at Yoin In (the first Bio research park Founded on the Private Initiative,with more than 20 venture companies)

    Leading role in start ChemOn Inc., a Non-Clinical Service Company

  • 1999. 12.

    Get 5 years Grant, Technology Innovation Center, from Korea Ministry of Commerce, Industry, & Energy.

  • 1997.11.22.

    Korean Financial Crisis, CAMDRC keep working on the CAMD Education

  • 1997. 11.

    Start CAMD Training Courses, Basic, Drug Design, and Material Design Courses

  • 1997. 5.

    1st International Symposium and Opening Ceremony of CAMDRC

    Collaboration Agreement and Donation of 20 full sets of Molecular Modeling S/W by MSI

    1st Open Computer Aided Molecular Design Research Center (CAMDRC) at Soong Sil University, SEOUL

  • 1997.

    1st Industry project from Sam Sung “Computer Aided Design of Cathode for Lithium Ion Battery”